Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big Rabbit - Yuan Colombia

Domain Name: Yuan Colombia (yuange)
Name: Ren-wide
Alias: The rabbit (datuzi)
Gender: Male
Good: windows series
Birthplace: Chongqing

I would like to bring Yuan Colombian security sector in the mix of people known to everybody. His accomplishments in the Windows system at home should be the absolute best. In 1999, his personal site which mentioned the sharing of Windows vulnerabilities, but many people have used up to now! Yuan Colombian many people know, but Yuan Colombian experience is known.

Yuan Colombian original like mathematics, worship scientists (scientists do not know hackers count). He likes math, so a small start learning math. Junior high school mathematics from primary school, middle school high school high school university school times, and also "study" part of the postgraduate courses. Yuan Colombia's self-competence, and in learning and understanding, thinking, are relatively smooth, learning things that other people can understand the thinking of other people's way of thinking, this very efficient. Internet security, had no teaching materials on to speak of, most of them find their own way, self-learning ability Yuan Colombian completely pressed into service. Colleges, because of professional reasons, there are many opportunities for exposure to the virus. Anti-virus, kill, software encryption and decryption, Yuan Colombian daily tear at the moment, in the absence of the Internet age, the virus is the most exciting areas, and the Internet as hackers, viruses, design ideas are the most sophisticated technology tip, the difference is not a virus maker has won a reputation for hackers so that they all notorious. Yuan Colombian master assembly, CPU architecture, operating systems and so on, every day of how to track someone else to debug procedures. Virus, encryption and decryption of a number of technical and network security are interlinked, and network security is more a contest of intelligence among people, hacking is a game of chess. Yuan Colombian touch the Internet, no longer simply leave the. And playing games on the same play against people or fun. Since college, Yuan Colombia's school is not connected INTERNET network, he had no real exposure to the topic of network security. However, he introduced by some of hacker magazines, books about a number of network security knowledge, unfortunately, the media are focused on hacker culture, after graduation, Yuan Colombia's English is getting worse, read lengthy information in English assembly code does not look as comfortable. Assembly code to see the same novel as the Chinese characters read, hit the Internet, Longgui sea.

Beginning to work, not very wishful Yuan Colombia. Yuan Colombian unit of the original work, and the MCU can only deal with the day to face the big iron cold, Yuan Colombia do not like, spare time to their school, studying. Around 1998, Yuan Colombia's access to the Internet after work units Columbia Yuan became "totally Beat Generation." Then the secure site, is to gather some of the others about the information, stacked together, most are some old-fashioned news. So Yuan Colombian when their home was put on the main technical data of his own to introduce some of their ideas, and technology. Over time, Yuan Colombian felt in the work unit has no meaning, and by the end of 1999, Yuan Colombia decided to change the units. This time the company entered the Green League, is eight children to start by the network security business. Also be on the right track.

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