Friday, September 24, 2010

Li Yi: Collective genuine lack of awareness?

For Microsoft, a series of "good show" action, the user does not seem to acknowledge it: do not know what is the inability to adapt or cause substantial price discount and more free services and have experienced many negative reactions.

Discount on on Microsoft Windows XP sales comments, most network people are not very optimistic about half of Windows XP is still down more than their expectations. Some commenters said: "Microsoft MS to do is bring the price down to 50 below, 99% of people will buy it." But in the face of pirated optical discs 5,6 yuan price, the price of 50 yuan really attractive it?

Evaluation of some users for this long I think.

Preferential price of 786 yuan for Windows XP (Home Edition), for example, that the cost of a PC, may be up only 1 / 5. If we can spend several hundred dollars to buy CPU or monitor, spend a few hundred dollars to buy the operating system is reasonable. In the computer, it only visible hardware to a high value, while the input of many intelligence software can take to send it? If, as some netizens said, the Windows XP down to 50, the domestic software vendors how to price fixing? Do not let them give away, right? Perhaps the value of the software seems to have a comprehensive understanding.

In the promotion of genuine national movement, there has been such a paradox: The domestic software products as rich multinational, market share is much smaller, is to promote the genuine multinational giants of more benefit. Statistics from the figures and calculations, this point no doubt. But I recently attended a domestic software enterprises in the activities, from the Beijing center for software for those who said that if based on genuine about looking in promoting the ultimate losers would be the domestic software companies, after all, their only domestic market.

In a sense the genuine, perhaps we should also thinking of another. Can not afford genuine lack of awareness of our software, and even an obstacle to the development of high-tech industries. If you worry about the market as the monopoly of transnational corporations, then encouraged to go to develop their own products.鍙槸闈㈠甯傚満鐨勮鎯戯紝鍙堟湁澶氬皯鏈湡浼佷笟鐢樺績娌変笅蹇冩潵鍙戝睍鎿嶄綔绯荤粺銆佸姙鍏蒋浠惰繖浜涘凡缁忔垚鐔熺殑浜у搧锛?br />



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