Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zhou Hongyi 1 billion investment is not money, is lonely

Right after New Year's Day 2010, China's software industry has the explosive news came, 360's chairman Zhou Hongyi, Sequoia partner of China Shen Peng, Highland Capital Partners James Hong Chuanxuan invest 1 billion yuan to launch a distribution of investment projects - "Free Software off plan. "

It seems, Zhou Hongyi has been inspiring to play a minor, and an opening 10 million. Duke of the Internet to spread the yuan, which really are not playing much, but play lonely.

First, in the Internet field, free wrist playing most cattle is Tencent QQ, now more than 600 million registered users. Online users have been billions of dollars. This makes day into 300 million, the world's first operator, China Mobile boss also sit still, we heard Mr. Ma Wang in person to Shenzhen house, and to nag Bai Zaonian. I think, standing 49 storeys Shenzhen Tencent upstairs, Wang must be filled with emotion, if the letter has been able to fly free of, 2012, the number of users can exceed QQ? In Tencent, and so much who? Storm had to free video known, but is now more like Youku video site. Well, 360 might want to do next Tencent, or that it have the temperament.

Second, Zhou Hongyi, and Mr. Ma does have similarities. Zhou Hongyi Born in 1970, Mr. Ma is only a small Mon-year-old, into the fourth decade, of course, are playing technical background. The only difference, horses on far in Shenzhen. "The week was born in Hubei, Henan longer, study in Xi'an, capital of both blend into Hubei, Henan, Shaanxi people's mettle. Chu smart tough the habits and culture of Central China Henan and Xi'an Shaanxi Opera slick vat of thick, many cultures factor of the hybrid, so Zhou Hongyi rivers and lakes in the later into the Chinese Internet, the people see through, not read. "(an IT writer for its evaluation).

I am the person in Shaanxi, near Henan, mixed in the capital. Therefore, a number of weeks of thinking there are some perceptions. In rivers and lakes, except can not repeat what others say, because a dream. Therefore, the field of 360 to the Internet shook the rain, is by Zhou Hongyi dare to break through the traditional mode of thinking, dare to resist as free to bring a third party rather than the user mode of criticism. Mao Zedong said, "We lost a Yan'an, in exchange for the country," said Zhou Hongyi, "We lost one billion yuan in exchange for the entire software industry."

Finally, the software "free" word, good hard work! In the Internet field, free common. The software industry so it was not used because many people do not integrate the software and the Internet. Blinders not see Taishan. As to the McDonald's online rest is free, and where to go for more than 80% of the people is the consumer. 360 free in a McDonald's goes on the table and Shangwang Fei, therefore, Zhou Hongyi Bu Hui Zuo Peibenshengyi. Tencent QQ, as free as is the need to buy props consumption.

However, from the short-term market effect, because of its enormous destructive, free is not worth promoting. As I go to work today Zizhuqiao passing under the cake to make a sale, like aunt gave me for free. However, if Aunt take 1 billion to open sesame seed store, opened the day I might be able to eat free cake. Zhou Hongyi of "free software off plan", and the aunt's fried, like shop, now bigger, and open my own business, and also to see the city being pursued, and with the brothers have put up shop stalls, but also to train a group of excellent cooks.

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